Tate Oehler

Hi, I'm Tate, a wedding & event DJ also known as DJ T-O, a music producer, student, small business owner, and soccer player from Utah, USA. Thanks for visiting my new website tateoehler.com - it's still a work in progress!

Introducing DJ T-O

DJ T-O is one of America's youngest working professional lead DJ's. DJ T-O started producing music and working as a DJ at age 12. Today,  he continues to expand his live sets with the Pioneer CDJ-3000 and DJS-1000 Sampler. 

DJ T-O enjoys working on his YouTube channel OHLR with his brother Jordan, where they have gained nearly 7 thousand subscribers, putting them #1 in Utah for DJs and in the top 5 percent of YouTube channels worldwide (ranked by number of subscribers according to SocialBlade). 

Tate currently studies piano and music production, and is studying at senior high school and college.

DJ TO composed and produced the single "Years Away" which can be found on Apple Music, Spotify, and most music platforms worldwide. He produces music in FL Studio and Logic Pro. DJ T-O works hard on the field and in the gym, where he plays soccer for his high school and on a competitive club team.

In addition to working as a DJ with OHLR, Tate founded a production business TAO Staging and Special Effects Co. (TAOSFX) where he brings his production & special effects capabilities to elevate other DJ businesses and corporate client special events.


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Viewmont High Soccer

Instagram: @clanofbrothers_vhs

Utah Avalanche Soccer Club

Instagram: @utahavalanche

Selected work & links: 

TAO Staging & Special Effects Co. (TAOSFX)

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Event Production Business


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